Sunday, November 13, 2011

It's All Human Nature

Sitting back I glance at the television, 40+ inches of HD details makes the images so there's no avoiding the vile things airing on networks ranging from ESPN to CNN. The faces of Power, Good, Bad and the Ugly are everywhere.

I observe things. I'm a people watcher 24/7. Those I deal with personally and those I see from a distance. There is a consistency of how power and/or the attempts to gain power effect people. Some folk gain power through their infectious spirit. They stand for something and the force of their will attracts those of a like mind. This can result in the formation of local tribes, cults, religions, government,etc....There does come a point where a leader or a group hit that power ceiling. The ceiling is the point where power is manageable yet still within the checks and balances of the people below. Unfortunately, few people are satisfied with the ceiling. They crash through it showering sharp glass and debris on the people they are supposed to be working with and for.

Hit the jump for a social review of the hunger for power...

Penn State Supporter shows loyalty of just fired coach and town Icon Joe Paterno amidst growing scandal.

This past week brought us the horrible and still unfolding story of sexual abuse over the past decade at Penn State University. One man's monstrous actions against the most fragile members of society and just as bad was the college cover up and protection for all those but the kids. Coaches, Teachers placing the well being of children below the desire to maintain a school's reputation. A parent's Nightmare come true, being played out on the national stage.

Church sex scandals like those that have followed Bishop Eddie Long are nothing new in recent news.

This is eerily similar to tales of sexual abuse that have rocked many churches over recent years. We've almost become accustomed to the idea that every so often a person that is supposed be our friend, our supporter, can turn out to the worst kind of individual imaginable.

From the emotional and personal we also see the draw and allure of financial. Folk getting drunk on the flow dollars is basically what this nation has become known for. Politicians with ties to mega corporations run America. The more you have the greater your perceived worth and the more you can get away with. Occupy Wall Street and it's many sibling movements are buzzing in reaction to big business greed and government uselessness. People are tired. Power itself doesn't have to corrupt but when it's applied to the human nature that problems emerge and the people that cause these problems care little for those most negatively effected.

The United States has spend the past 1/2 a decade trying to stabilize it's economy. Jobs are not a certainty while debt and depression spread from coast to coast. In the midst of this condition we now have many team owners within the NBA purposely hurting communities in cities both big and small simply to save a few dollars. Yes these men deal in hundreds of millions and billions of dollars and without getting into details it's now known and accepted pretty much across the board that these billionaires are holding the livelihood of so many people hostage for the ability to squeeze more concessions out of the players they employee. Stadium workers, restaurant owners and workers, so many who depend on the active NBA season to keep a roof over their heads now are in dire positions because those with more money then they can ever spend want more and have the power to do anything to get it.

NBA commissioner stern fielding questions as his owner led lockout hurts thousands

"Power corrupts and absolute Power corrupts absolutely"
This is how it is and there is no change in sight. It's said that we were made in God's image. I can't help but will there is always this aspect of us that wants to recapture that God like essence and for many its defined by gaining the power to do anything at any time. All I can do is wonder how I would handle such power......


Goddess Intellect said...

Don't laugh but this post brings me back to my favorite Trilogy- Lord of the Rings. The trilogy was so provocative because although the characters were fictional the theme of POWER hit home for everyone who watched it. The ring had to be destroyed and it passed through many hands some corrupt some not to get to mordor to be destroyed. I've accepted the fact that not everyone is going to be able to handle power in the same way. Some will abuse it, some will use it to create change, and some are simply afraid to get to that level for fear of something they never experienced before.
I was so disgusted when i heard about the joe paterno case and even more disgusted when i heard about everyone who was defending his reputation but i see both sides clear as day. at the end of the day it comes down to this are you a leader or a follower. Do you know who you are and do you listen to your instincts. No man should hold power over us...real leaders dont need to hide or manipulate their "following"...they simply need speak the truth and be real..flaws and all. I'm rambling but that's what i do...great post!!

Queen of Answers said...

Nice Article.

Whitley Brooks said...

It hurts my heart to see the way people can hurt children and sell their morals/ignore all common decency for a buck. When is enough, enough?

Lauryn Doll said...

LOTR Goddess?! LMAO! I love you...

I feel you... and I understand. That's why, I will always tell you and those who know me, when I'm out of hand, check me... I don't ever want to get to the point where the need to dominate overtakes the need to help.

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