Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Personal Favorite Humpington Movie Scenes

Let's get the last Hump Day of 2011 kicking off right! Off the strength of Dollface's Tumblr post I was asked what steamy scenes stick out in my mind. This is an interesting question cuz for a like of movies that are classics in my mind I was a kid at the time I saw them, so my appreciation for the scene is different now then it was back then. Anyway, here's a few of my personal favs.

White Men Can't Jump

The all around set up of these scene is ill to me. Rosie being set off by the music and throwing safety out the window to ride Woody (no pun) while driving. Then they take it straight to the shower with the clothes on and let's check it funky, at the time every guy watched this movie for the bball scenes and Rosie Perez's boobs and aerolas.


This movie gets me fired up but not merely for the sex scenes the sex PLUS the eventual revenge at the end. As it relates to the lusting I think the bathroom smash is a personal fav for me. I've never done it but I think the idea of gettin' it in but having to stay quiet is a extra stimulant. Ya boy leaving the cafe, walking past her friends w/ no knowledge he just twisted her out is a hell of a rush. 

Durty Game

Now this is a hood classic that I'm sure has gone under the radar for many. The sex in all circumstances had drama attached. It stars the type of females I can't stand in real life BUT makes for entertaining viewing. The "wife" of the story has a serious affair that include a nice lil rooftop rendezvous. A lil head and back shots on the roof. Be you in the PJ or the center of bright city's a rush.


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