Thursday, January 26, 2012

Layla Sola x Uptown Collective Q & A

On the heels of her "Shit Mixed Girls Say..." video Ms Layla Sola has nice 1 on 1 session Led Black from The Uptown Collective. Here's an excerpt from their convo as Layla shares some of her beliefs.

" I am my own Hero is a creed that I live life by. I’ve always thought that as I mature, one of the hardest things to do would be to hold onto the integrity of my true self as life’s challenges confronted me. It’s a struggle, and I think one of the best ways to remain steadfast is to live life with passion and to be true to your inner voice. I am my own hero means being someone you can respect and feel proud of no matter what happens. The series draws on the inner strength of its subjects. Many of the subjects are inspirational people who I believe represent the very essence of I am my own Hero, such as Malcolm X, Thurgood Marshall, Billie Jean King or Steven Hawking; and these people I call Superheroes."

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