Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dark Knight Triumphantly Rises

Don't worry no spoilers here.

I was fortunate enough to stumble upon an early screening pass to view the Dark Knight Rises. I dont want to say to much so I'll try to convey my feelings in the fewest words. It wasn't perfect but came pretty close. It in many ways was the perfect flip side film to what Avengers was. 2 sides of one comic movie coin. I'll go into more detail as to what I mean in 2 weeks. I want people to get a chance to see this first. There are certain things, big & small that I need in a comic book movie and DKR hit all those points.

I'll end this with 3 out of the dozen questions I've been asked since seeing the movie.

  1. Is it good? Yes......Great.
  2. Is it as good as the last Batman..................surprisingly enough Yes it is.
  3. Did that leave move for another film after you'll have to go see for yourself
See it once, twice......maybe three times. You should love each time you view it. 
(Just a heads up the movie is close to 3 hrs long)


SandhiBeaches said...

Super excited after your not so spoiled review. Thanks!!!!

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