Monday, September 3, 2012

LOL Reading Between the Digital Lines

No matter what Miami is a destination for many on this Labor Day. I've personally seen it at it's ugliest thus refuse to deal with it unless I'm there to get paid. But let me not rain on others parades. The SoBe fun continues for the masses and with that comes tons of images from Collins, Washington and Ocean that show the great time being had. But I cant help but wonder is what we get shown is truly a realistic representation of what folk are doing or merely the best image presented to give off the most glamorous illusion.

 You send an image like this...

But the trip is really more like this....

Hey I get it, America is land of the luxurious misrepresentation just be clear that some folk know the real. LOL. Hey I remember those 3 guys in one room trips. Embrace those stretching a dollar days. :)


Nikks said...

I just actually burst out laughing. Folks do the same thing around these parts.

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