Friday, September 14, 2012

No One's Done it Enough To Say Your Wrong....

The Tribe looks out again as fellow member Ms K.D Isaacs sent me an invite to a media panel and screening of Lebron James new cartoon "The Lebrons" which is an animated spin off of his successful Nike commercials. After viewing some of the clips, two gentlemen from Believe Entertainment Mr. Dan Goodman and William Masterson spoke on how they made the connection with Lebron James to get this show rolling and on a larger scale how the media field is changing regarding the delivery of content. They said a lot to fuel what I'm pushing with the Omega Nexus.

One of the standout comments they made was "If you believe in what you have, don't let anyone tell you're wrong." 

Basically the industry is evolving so quickly that no one has been doing "it" long enough to tell you that your wrong. Signs keep pointing forward and I'm not stopping with this. Great info and networking indeed.


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