Monday, November 5, 2012

Bodacious Body Care by Shasee

About 10 days ago I got some products from Bodacious Body Care by Shasee. A hand lotion, body oil and face scrub is what I picked up and honestly I love them. The scented oil smells good without being overpowering. I'm selective when I wear it so it lasts. The hand cream keeps me from getting ashy which black folk know can become an issue in these colder weather months. On top of that the hand cream isn't oily and slick. Many creams have you feeling like you just put cooking oil on and this isn't the case here. Finally was the face scrub. It gets the dry, dead skin off smoothly and effectively and leaves my face feeling truly open and relaxed. It's scented enough to it smalls good but again not so overpowering that I cant breathe due to this strong smell on my face.

 This is quality product that as a man I can appreciate and recommend to others with no hesitation. Drop by and see for yourself what I was so fortunate to experience.


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