Monday, November 19, 2012

Tribe Tales of Sun, Fun, Film & Tears.....

The courtyard outside of compound

On day after Election Day I join Evita and 12 other members of the Nomadness Travel Tribe on one of our NomadnessX trips. The destination was Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. From very early on in the trip it was clear things would be very interesting. As boarding began for our Jet Blue flight official word hit that Obama had won the elections! Announcements were made on the plane and the celebration began. The initial crew of 4, the set up team hit D.R after 4am and reached our stronghold after 5am. Just in time to catch the sun raising over our open courtyard interior.

Our open interior courtyard

Once the whole team assembled we began an incredible week of site seeing, dining out, cooking, drinking, extreme activities, charity and all around pleasure. In the midst of this new friendships were born, unknown family ties were unearthed and respect was earned on many levels.

Due to a few last minute cancellations it ended being my homie Mac' & I as the only men on the trip. Sounds like paradise right? Well it would have many, many high points but for those that know me and know my protective side it was a bit stressful at points too. Eventually I had to say to myself that "hey you can't watch over everyone all the time."

Bridge to the 1st Waterfall

It's far too much to recap in words but I can say this trip was very well balanced. It had equal levels of wild out "What happens here stays here" fun, bonding and enjoying the Dominican city scene, beach life, serious adult conversation, charitable reflective work and an amazing surprise that was apparently in the works for quite a while. Yeah Evita and Crew "GOT ME"...they got me good.

Mac' getting ready for the Beisbol'

Not just was this trip good in itself but it put us in a position to do more going forward and as such I think that Santo Domingo will be seeing more of us. More Pix and Vids coming soon!

The Ladies of the Tribe


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