Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hump Day Word Play

Another joint from Lola LePaon that ladies can take a notes from!!!!

Frisky 2 six packs? ✓
Key to the Marriott? ✓
Coupon? ✓
Looks like i’m all set.
Usually, I wouldn’t stop by your job unannounced, but I don’t expect a complaint.
So in the double doors I strut.
 Hair, nails, toes, all freshly done.
 Wearin’ a snug outfit that hugs my every curve.
 It’s not excessive cleavage.

 Just enough to keep your haters jealous.
 I set the beer down, and announce it’s for you, and the few on site.

 While your co-workers rejoice, I pull you close to me and whisper, “I’m feeling frisky; I may do something you may not expect of me.” I slip you the room key for tonight Wrapped around it is a “sex coupon” from one of those novelty sex shops. This one in particular is for “1 blowjob in the shower” Then, as quickly as I came in, I begin to exit. Blow you a quick over the shoulder kiss, and I’m gone. I’ve got work to do.

Full Piece Here


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