Tuesday, May 14, 2013

"Smile" The Weapon of the Oppressive??

This is a weird era we live in.....now a simple statement like "You look pretty when you smile.." sparks anti harassment convos? I get it's application in some cases but lets act rational for a moment and acknowledge there are genuinely nice people who aren't asking for any or trying to "control" you and are simply giving a compliment. Someone said that men dont walk down the street and compliment women on non physical attributes. Hmmmm, already but unless your wearing your degree how would I know what you are about? I dont condone calling random women "honey", "baby" etc.....but everything isn't harassment. I've been stepped to with compliments before or holla'd at in the street and no one mentions my degree either.

Hey you want to ice grill the world? That's your right 1000%. I'm just asking that you show the ability to separate a kind comment from a lewd come on. Lets not act like a smile is an evil thing. It's taught from childhood as part of positive body language. This generation is so black and white that many folk get needlessly attacked simply cuz others dont have a grey area.

Lets try to maintain sensible balance, lets not lose that and confuse different issues.


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