Tuesday, May 14, 2013

How Long Before Introductions?????

Interesting question just presented to me...."How long is enough time before introducing a new partner to your Family & Friends. What about meeting your child?"

I may not be the best person to answer this. Most folk use time guidelines to frame their relationships. I dont factor in time. I do what I feel ready and comfortable to do. My belief is that at this point in my life, a romantic partner does not need to meet my parents unless I see her being a long term presence in my life. To me you rush all these introductions, then if things don't work out its break ups on multiple levels with all these people having their 2 cents about what happened. If I were to get into a relationship now it would be with marriage intentions, so if my goal is to be with you for life, stop worrying about when you meet people cuz you'll be dealing with the most important folk for life if things work out.

I dont have any kids but I think that is the most troublesome of the issues I see regarding this topic. Folk that just introduce their kids to any and everyone worry me. Love is great but it does make for stupid decisions and how kids view things differs greatly from how we do. They really don't need to be meeting every person you attempt to deal with but thats just me.......


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