Monday, June 3, 2013

Isn't That What It's Supposed To Be??

Nothing gets people talking about the beauty of relationships like Jay & Bey. Pix pop up of the power couple somewhere on the planet enjoying life and everyone will love it. They're so sweet. Love how Jay lights up around her, ect,etc....well I mean yeah they're married isn't that what it's supposed to be. Dont get me  it's great to appreciate love but sometimes I wonder if in the midst of appreciation does this speak to what many are missing? How many folk not only see a JayZ & Beyonce as a beautiful thing but also as the primary example of what a relationship should be? Many don't see this in their personal life so the go to substitute are the higher profile members of society. Similarly with the President Obama and the 1st Lady it's great to see but when folk ask me about my definition of love it's my parents way before I think of any other couples......we need to get those home grown role models back.


Nikks said...

I think our society is lacking in these examples because we're too busy watching everyone else when we ought to be working on ourselves and maintaing 'us'.

I look to those around me more than I do these 'power couples'. We have to work with what we've got.

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