Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Funny Business Ramble

Folk really think the Internets are chopped up into lil manageable bits that let you go all out for attention in one respect but will shield you from off the wall attention. It doesn't work like that. If you deal in, market with and do business off the benefits of sex appeal you will ALWAYS get attention you do not like at some point. Is it right? Not at all but there has to a bit of common sense as to the make up the world we deal in.

If your marketing tool is T & A than no matter how you frame it, no matter what you try and do to weed out stupidity it will never fully work. Look for a strip club with a 100% success rate of patrons not getting too close to dancers. It doesn't exist. Similarly if your blessed with a certain full body type than I'm sorry but if you fault it for clicks and views you are going to deal with repeated questions you don't like. You can post a FAQ section that gives every measurement and inch that a person can ask and you will STILL get a person that refuses to read it.

The Internets are not always as smart as we'd wish them to be but folk have to be a lil bit more realistic with what they're doing. Be clear. This isn't about allowing disrespect but understanding fully the field that you're dealing in.


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