Thursday, February 25, 2010

Embrace Insanity.

I'm an avid P90X user but I've gone thru it a few times and while it works great I personally have to keep things changing to stay on point. So this is the next challenge. Insanity! I hear it's a real hectic workout so it'll be great to flip between this and P90X. I think I'll jump start this mid March. After my Birthday gets a lil celebration time. ;)


N.I.K.E. said...

So..ive been seeing these p90x commercials for years and ive always been skeptical about it. im 5'11 about 288. could this program get it done for me.

NightFall914 said...

I was skeptical at first too. It's not an easy program but its effective really effective. It reduces body fat, builds stamina, strength and conditioning.

The diet is the biggest thing to stay up on.

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