Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Is this 1st Date thinking for Y'all?

I wonder how big his dick is and will I sleep with him?

The ladies at The Boobs dove into the topic of female thoughts on first dates and I'm just curious if it's on point.

Believe it or not, we really do think about this. I know within the first 15 minutes of looking at him, I'm already sizing him up. Trying to figure out what he's working with. Hes hot, I wonder if hes packing a 5 or a 6. Oooh a 7? Crossing my fingers for a 7.5. Every time I mention this to girlfriends, they just laugh and give me a high five because they already know what I'm talking about. Guys find this hysterical as if we aren't even supposed to be thinking about sex, let alone how thick his rod is. But we do, we also ponder if we are going to sleep with him. Whether its that night or the next night or next week, or even a few weeks from there, we can generally figure this out right away. To clap cheeks or not, now that is the question.



Frankie said...


SinfulLyo said...

ehh no. not the first date. maybe the second. the first date i'm sizing him up in every other aspect. i don't worry about dick size until i've decided that he may get the opportunity to sex me up lol.

Goddess Intellect said...

Yea we form opinions of ppl within the first 5 seconds of meeting them. This doesnt shock me at all.
There are men who I have specifically put in the bedroom romp only file. But that file is getting dusty these
In fact I look for a d*ck print when I first meet any man, my eyes go there, I make no apologies. I look for a well-rounded non-pointy silhouette. I also dont care if he catches me looking. Thx

DollFace said...

100% Agreed

NightFall914 said...

Very very honest replies. Nice.

Ooooooooooh really!?!?!?

evierobbie. said...


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