Sunday, March 14, 2010

Keep ya damn pill......

Things I've seen, things I've heard have pushed me to a new stance. I don't trust Birth Control. My stance is that ANY circumstance where you as a man are willing to splash off naturally with a female your taking a gamble as to what may happen. Yes statisically the odds on B.C are more likely in the favor of avoiding a pregnancy but truthfully if your not with a person you could at least see as a suitable parent and someone you'd want a part of the reminder of your life I wouldnt do it. I remember that my first girl friend was on it and in my youth stupidity that was the best news in the world. "Yeah!!!! No condom needed!!!!".......So young and dumb.

The thought process is much bigger then just health with the immediate partner but rather life. What do you want for your life. The big picture dominates over any momentary pleasure. Even in a relationship I would not NOT use a condom unless I was that serious in what potential I saw in a person.

It's almost funny now in hearing guys that complain about the need to use protection. It's like damn you really missing forest for the trees man.

Maybe this is why I'm so Pro


Nik said...

I often wondered why most people don't think like this?!

If you can't see a man or woman being capable of taking proper care of your offspring, why hit it raw or trust that she says she's on the pill?

You can't be putting your life and your potential child's life in the hands of just anyone.

Goddess Intellect said...

Hi Nightfall!
I am also pro skull duggery, Thanks.
*sigh* @ the pill
I have been anti pill for awhile now...but for reasons other than the ones you've posted, although I do agree the birth control pill is not a 100% guarentee than you are safe frm disease & pregnancy.
The pill has only been around since the 60's not enough research has been done on its long term effects on a woman's body/reproductive system, but seems like along with increased "protection" in my lifetime I've been warned about all these new HPV? Where the hell did that come from 4 real?
isupport self respect and discernment more than anything contrived in a lab.
Thought provoking post!

SinfulLyo said...

ditto @ GI. i've always been weary about any and all medication. you have to ask yourself what purpose does it serve and who stands to gain from it. as sad as it is to say the FDA will slap the approval on just about anything nowadays and 2 years from now you'll see some sleazy 3am lawyer infomercial about all the pending lawsuits and money you stand to gain if you or your loved one suffered from [laundry list of medical issues ranging from loss of depth perception to death].

my good friend took accutane for her severe acne back in high school and now she has severe gastrointestinal issues and ding ding ding accutane has been linked to causing bowel issues smh.

Supastarrr said...

So true! && of course the same can be applied to STDs/AIDS. Just because someone says they have a clean bill of health doesn't mean you should sail w|o a life float.

Frankie said...

I'm anti-birth control just as much as I'm anti-abortion and anti-giving birth. If that's what others want to do, fine, but not me.

There's just something about being able to menstruate once a month that I NEED. Yea, it's a pain in the ass (and tits and thighs and back and stomach and head) but I need to know that things are flowing naturally. Have you ever seen a birth control commercial? They have women skipping on the beach or whatever bragging about not getting a period, not getting knocked up, and all the other wonderful things from birth control and right before it ends, the commercial says "thepilldoesnotprotectagainsthivorstds. serious risks include bloodclotstrokeheartattackanddeath. speak to your health care professional for blah blah blah."

yea bitch, just because you say it fast doesn't mean I didn't hear it! I like my health. kthanksbye.

NightFall914 said...

Its funny when I think back to my younger days. And the mind set of guys I knew. That "I'm on the pill" line was the enxt best thing to "I swallow".

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