Sunday, March 14, 2010's rough as hell sometimes......

In the midst of the crazy ass weather yesterday I find out one of my closest friends is dealing with a miscarriage of the pregnancy she just recently learned of.2 months in I believe.

I'm sorry for what she must be going through and dealing with physically and emotionally. Yet in the same thought I found myself questioning some of my feelings. Primarily the feelings that this is actually "best" for her. Not best that the pregnancy ended premature but that in knowing this person, the issues on so many levels involved with her. I was worried about how she was gonna make it work the minute she told me about her situation. 2 seperate fathers to your kids, both of whom are poor excuses for men......and your struggling for housing and finances as is? Yeah that had me extremely concerned.

I'm going to do my best to be caring and supportive to the situation. The shits just a mess. I just make sure I learn from the mistakes of others.


Nik said...

I know people are sick of the cliche "Everything happens for a reason" but at times it's the truth.

If God knew it wasn't a situation she could handle and the unborn child and the child she already has would suffer, this must be the only way he saw to save them all from themselves.

You're a good friend for being the shoulder. Hope she finds strength in this difficult time and exercises better judgement in the future. HE won't always give us an out.

evierobbie. said...

It is the truth.
My condolences. I just hope your friends learn as much from their mistakes as you do.

NightFall914 said...

She's actually handling it better then I expected but its not a 1 day thing so we'll see.

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