Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Comes With The Territory?

I forget where I saw it but it was an interesting statement about dealing with females. It can be friends, lovers, good friends whatever, but it was stated that the mood swings or emotional changes of women need to be assumed and accepted by men and treated as something that comes with the terriotory. I’ve seen many of my guys have fits trying to deal with a female feelings and come out just looking totally confused. I wonder if in the midst of it all a woman can admit to herself that “what I’m saying really ain’t making any sense.”

I consider females to be much smarter then guys in the mental/emotional game playing department. Not playing games in a bad way but that’s just how things are. All of life is a game to me but in regards to this acceptance of woman’s emotional flux it just makes me wonder. Do ladies act out just cuz they know they can? Have you ever been in a situation that logically you were losing BUT through the use a lil womanly ploy you flipped things in your favor?


Nik said...

I haven't any time for those kinds of games, I'm not going to do something or act a certain way because I'm a woman. That's just immature to me. I pride myself on being able to say, "You know what, I was wrong and that crap didn't make any sense. I'm sorry, you were right."

Some women need a good healthy dose of "Baby I love you, but you need to stop talking right now because you're pissing me the hell of!" or a simple "STFU" might suffice.

cecelia; said...

hmm. the mood swings & emotions of humans need to be "assumed and accepted" by other humans.

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