Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Happy Hump Day

No crazy over the top imagery today. I'm tired, the laptop is going to the Geek Squad for the repairs and I'm still finishing something. In the meantime, close ya eyes and think.Remember the last good hug you got. Sometimes, the Humpin' ain't even needed. What does a hug represent to you? Does it vary depending on who's giving it? Speak on it.


Frankie said...

Hugging is always awkward for me. I tend to give those "Christian side hugs" (look it up on youtube).
I do love good hugs though. The longer the arms, the better the hug.

Goddess Intellect said...

likes the hugging vibe..the wrong type of hug..mainly a bone crushing why-didnt-you-give-up-the- goods hug is no bueno...but a i-miss-you-and-am-glad-to-have-you -in-my-life hug is bueno thx.

Nik said...

With friends I'm not a touchy person, I like my space and they like theirs. We're all hugs and holding hands when someone dies or is extremely sick. Other than that distance please n' thanks.

The last time I had a really good hug, I felt really loved, wanted, and protected. Everything fell quiet and nothing else mattered. That was more than a few year ago. Sad!

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