Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just Do It.....No he's STILL doing it! SLAM ft Air Jordan

After years of crushing the dreams of his competition, inspiring athletes worldwide and making NIKE, Gatorade and many other products household names, Michael Jordan takes it to the CEO's chair as the first former player to gain majority ownership of a team. Seems only right that Jordan would pull this off and SLAM magazine takes a current do look at the man that defined an era.

Just about anyone could have written the feature about Mike as an owner—if you write for SLAM you likely know Mike’s career pretty well and have a feeling on this next stage, one way or another—but we went outside our usual cast of contributors for this one and asked the great Rick Telander to tackle the assignment. Having written about MJ for 25 years for the likes of the Chicago Sun-Times and Sports Illustrated, and privy to conversations and quotes with him none of SLAM’s comparatively new writers ever have, Rick has a perspective all his own.



Anonymous said...

This man is unstoppable! I wanna be like him one day...

NightFall914 said...

Yeah minus is some off court issues you cant really knock his hustle at all.

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