Saturday, May 8, 2010

Y'all were kicking him in Year 1.......

....and in year 2 Obama is gettin' it in and making change. He was never the messiah that many were making him out to be but he was never the Anti-Christ either and 1/2 way through his 1st term I can say that I have personally seen his moves improve my family. From the addition adult grants for education that allowed and paid for my moms extra schooling to the overall improvement in the employment situation that gave me my new job, I've seen change.

I just want to hear some positive support to balance everyone's gripes back in 2009.There's still massive work to be done but lets acknowledge whats been done.

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Max Reddick said...

Yeah, the president started slow, but when he got around to getting it right, he definitely began to get it in. He's performing quite well as of late. But I don't expect the right to give his due anytime soon.

Qu33n Kam... said...

you are so right Obama has done so much in one year that presidents before him couldnt do in a life time. I don't like how people try to make it like he is supposed to change the world with a magic wand and everything goes back to normal.

It hurts me to see his approval ratings go down he is really trying and he is putting the average man first and I do appreciae it he isn;t going to be 100% perfect but I do feel we should give him the support he needs to take us to where we need to be.

NightFall914 said...

Yeah I have low expectations with all politicians but the level of complaining towards Obama not just from the Repubs. but just regular people had me so confused.

Like I told a few people, if it takes yrs to fix ya own screwed up credit, how u mad at him for need some time to fix a whole nation?

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