Sunday, June 20, 2010

Are Fathers Necessary?

I came across a piece on CNN that spoke on the title question. Here is the opening and a link to the full piece. Its a rebuttal to a strong anti father opinion.

Germantown, Maryland (CNN) --

The Atlantic Magazine just published an article entitled, "Are Fathers Necessary?" It appears in the June issue, the month in which fathers are celebrated -- not dismissed -- and concludes that fathers are not essential.

The primary problem with the article is that it fails to ask its title question to the right group of people. What makes a man a father is the fact that he has children. Had the writer of the piece, Pamela Paul, asked her question of children, she would have gotten a much different answer.

Full Story Here

It's amazing to me that this question and the conclusion of this Pamela Paul could even be taken seriously and then published. As stated, the majority of births are results of male + female interactions so how can you question the value of 1/2 the equation. Just because many fathers have fallen short of their duties doesn't overshadow the many more that do handle their business or negect the basic worth they have.

I wouldn't even want to imagine a world without fathers.


Nik said...

Are Fathers Necessary?

Ridiculous question! I know so many boys, girls, men, and women, who are examples of just how necessary and valuable fathers are.

eaglebird said...

Yeah I agree with you,that was a off the wall anything ass question,I know there are a lot of single parents out here and most of them are mothers,but there is a HUGE amount of single fathers too,who take damn good care of there kids...Is Pamela Paul necessary? that's the real freaking question!

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