Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Difference Makers......

Many people think that us men are very base, emotionless, superficial creatures. It's believed that early statements from Semi (Arsenio Hall) in Coming to America, really is the basic male mind set.

"You're the heir to the crown of Zamunda. Your wife need only have a pretty face, a firm back side and big breasts like casaba melons."

Yuuuuup that's all we need. I position of authority and a pretty, stacked female to share it with.

Yeeeaaaah um not so much. Not that the physical aspects don't factor in but the truth is life far from perfect. And when its all said and done you may have been more physically attracted to one person but the individual you end up with brings something to the table creatively and mentally that differentiates them from the others.

It's the whole case of the Band Camp Geek prevailing over the pretty European model.

And one of the main things that can put a person over the top are the intangibles that you cant teach. You see physically pleasuring us guys is real easy. It's been said you could put us naked in a strong wind and we'd be fine. So what can a lady do spice that up. How can she be the difference maker?

We like to know that you genuinely WANT to be doing what ever it is your doing. Don't get it a twisted. A boring orgasm still feels great, but afterwards the mind will wander that much faster to something else.

The combination of words + timing + activity.

Words: How you let us know what your feeling, how you want to be treated, how you miss feeling certain things. And this can be sweet, sultry, XXX, whatever works for you. But we men are direct so direct communication never fails. "Damn I love the way you _________" Thats all it takes.

Timing: The same way many a female will want to talk ya head off the minute you walk in....we are equally aware if you show an understanding for our select moments of the day. If you know a person schedule be creative. Hit him with something unexpected during lunch, before that big meeting, whatever the case may be. We notice this. And I'll tell you why, as providers and protectors people usually have no problem calling on us for help. So as we give in that capacity be the woman that balances that off.

Activity: This is the completion of the process. It may be pampering, teasing, full on interaction of the highly sexual kind but whatever you do, make sure you finish the process. Understand that we expect you to finish what you've started. Even if we don't speak on it we are aware and if that pattern repeats itself, your words and timing will have you flirting with the label of "cocktease"

The woman that wins is the one that makes the biggest difference.....


Frankie said...


Goddess Intellect said...

UMMMM excuse me...Nightfall lyou are the biggest tease alive!!! lol

j/k in all seriousness. Ya give and take, give and take. Thats what its all about. I am learning to love spontaniety, something I once loathed.

Nik said...

A glimpse into the mind of Nightfall, I like what I'm seeing or rather, what I'm reading. I like everything about this post and know a few women who could benefit from this read.

Oh and um' being a cocktease is a bad thing? What if it's k bye.

Great post :)

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