Thursday, June 3, 2010

Hip Hop AIn't Dead .........Part IV: The "Reality" Hurts

Reality TV: Aside from the manufactured Pop idols that are struggling to stay signed within their prize contracts, we have to question the motives of Sean Combs, Robin Antin and Missy Elliott, who have all aped the reality television format to generate acts for their own stable of artists. To be sure, reality TV has replaced proper Artist Development as a means for these entrepreneurs to cash in, stroke their egos and embarrass people who, 9 times out of 10, deserve it.

The "Era of Reality"....a time that will be known for its unimaginative creations that feed of the basic human interest and curiosity for nonsense. Sprinkled with a dash of pseudo celebrity and D list lifestyle you have what has become a trap for many an upcoming artist.

The issue is two-fold. 1st you have the legitimate artist who with real development and grooming could honestly be something big. These person shows the skills to get on said show and through a mixture of unruly room mates,absurd tasks/missions and ego maniacs they will of a once hopeful artist is damamged severely by the 3 ring circus he/she was just a part of.

While all this is happening you have an unlimited mass of would be rappers, singers and hustlers that watch these programs and say, "Hey that's easy. I can do that." They no longer aim to get the grass roots success and truly rise into a valuable and attractive commodity. No, they shot for the reality T.V slot. Let me be as wild and crazy to get my 15mins. The idea the "any exposure is good exposure" is corrupting many who think they'll actually be respected after these shows have milked their hopes and dreams for millions in TV ad dollars.

Some find a way to "survive" and may end up a few inches above where they started buuuuuuut most don't do too well. 2 prime examples = Sara Stokes and Chopper.

Sara is a punching bag with fun bags......

...and Chopper just had sex with Kat Stacks.........nuff said.


Goddess Intellect said...

"Sara is a punching bag with fun bags"
*Dead & Gone*
Hey although what Diddy and Missy did was for personal gain, @ lest they got ppl watching tv again.
Just not I..I dont fux w tv no more...well not like b4, I'm strictly online and as I grow older I like shows with a plot and superb writing.

NightFall914 said...

Interesting T.V maybe.....good music not so much.

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