Monday, June 7, 2010

Success......progression.......we watch each other...

An early morning bbm convo opens my mind to something that is a very regular part of life to me and I think to many others. We watch. We watch those around us. I watch my people and pray and hope for them to succeed. Then I wonder, am I doing enough. Am I moving toward my own success at a pace that works for me. It's go time. No space for trying things out and playing games. So I make sure that everyday I'm in some way better then the day before. Its not easy but keeping people in your life that strive for that same goal of progression Makes it easier. Bright Eyes hits me to tell me good news, Evita is bouncing with a new project.....its great motivation.

How do you define success for your self? How do you react to the success of your peers?


Goddess Intellect said...

I always say when those around me are progressing I know I'm doing something right.
I try to award myself for getting small things accomplished daily and just for being me...that way when I do happen to falter I'm not getting back into the destructive pattern of beating myself up.

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