Sunday, June 27, 2010

This past week on the BLVD.....

It's a been rough and incredibly reflective week in this corner of the blog world. Nothing that graced this blog held more importance then the honoring and tribute to the life of a friend we recently loss, Rudi Joseph. If you elect to visit any entry in this post please visit this and pass it on.
**View this humble tribute here**

I posed a question to the hump day visitors and loyal readers. Whats is it about us? It's another curious inquiry from the mind of a black man trying to make sense of this world.

**Tell me what it is right here**

For pure spoken animated hilarity you have to view what is now known as "The Rant" by Riley Freeman, uncensored.

**Prepare your ears and check it here**

In other Boondocks related news, it would seem that loose lips in Tyler Perry's office helped aid the recent Boondocks Parody episode. This is not sitting well with Mr. Perry.
**Fall Out Story Here**

Looking for some new BB themes? The hustle continues as I have new BB themes for ALL MODELS: $2 each (most are going for $5 and up on other sites) Feel free to inquire about them.
**Theme Here**

And dont forget to check in on the steady supply of new music. ;)
**New Mixtape Music Here**(Holla at me if any links are not working)


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