Thursday, June 10, 2010

What's in me can be in you.....

...sometimes "life" teases me to no end and I just have to be patient. But eventually the moment arrives when "life" drops a perfect situation on me. No tease, no messing around just pure joy and fulfillment.

Needs release every now and then
wants her and her pretty friend,
limitless lustful hunger that never ends,
So I give in to the urge let it be what it will,
Wrap my mind around this focus make the earth stand still,
Cell phone ring tone you got plans cancel that,
Drop by 10pm sharp no panties dress black,
She take direction well not to mention other things,
Could be a soulmate, a wife but far from a fling,
Pretty brown thing, hair wild full of curls,
Fire in her eyes greatest curves in the world,
I'm relax anticipation of her upcoming arrival
Enjoying myself waiting haven't had her in a while,
Door knock, unlock, hug, exchange glances,
Wicked smile on her face confirms she knows what the plan is,
No limits no kid gloves no mistaking lust for love,
She's already comfy on the couch White Henny on Ice,
Black lace vintage see thru dress fits her just right,
But doesnt rush to get off better yet how she sets it off,
Whispers a few selective words I love that verbal foreplay,
Dirty with a dash of spice saying she will own my night,
And how she loves the way the climax taste I keep my diet right,
She assumes the prayer position handles softly with both hands,
treats it so preciously caressing exposing fully from my dark pants,
Lean back relaxed she licks once and says "yum"
Then follows the largest vein front to back with her tongue,
Getting reacquainted I can tell she really missed it,
almost talking to the head, how she'll giggle then kiss it,
Sits up grabs her curls and ties it back then kneels down,
Gives me a devilish then proceeds to go to town,
"I like to see your reaction and hear the sounds that you make."
"The pitch of your voice and how I make your leg shake."
"To know that your enjoying how I do I could do this all day"
Time starts to blur in a sea of pleasure shocks,
Her flow gets more intense as she speeds up her bop,
She know how to work it and how to turn me out,
Then shes whispers to me "Will you do it in my mouth?"
Doesn't need an answer as she applies her wicked skill,
Stroke, suck, blow, engulf, she takes it all at will,
She call it her magic to make "it" disappear,
Deep down in the back, slurp, smile and wipes away a tear.
Damn she still got and she knows what shes doing,
She stands and sips her glass of Hen and shes "meet me in the room"..........


The Single Dame said...


"And how she loves the way the climax taste I keep my diet right...." LoL! So fuckin' true!

I honestly enjoyed this reading and I sent my fella a kinky text upon the end of reading it.....I'm sure he would thank you if he could.

Forever Fabulous,
The Single Dame

Nik said...


You wrote that?

evierobbie. said...

Yea......about that.

NightFall914 said...

@ Dame
Glad you liked it.

Of course

You dont approve?

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