Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Definition of Freedom???

While living up to American standard of excessive eating, downing strong drinks, beach lounging or whatever your doing I ask that you take a moment and think. I'm not even going to put this in political terms or speak on America's shady stance towards freedom throughout it's history. NO, lets can't this person. Are you free? Are you Independent? So many of us work jobs we don't like to pay bills for things we no longer even have to people we don't even know. So how do you free yourself from all that life throws at you. I know some travel, so write or sing to free their souls. Whatever you do make sure you keep doing it. If you don't have something then please make it you business to find something.

Be safe and Enjoy the day. ;)


Frankie said...

There are worse countries to live in and one can always leave =)
Freedom is in the mind. People who want freedom, get it.

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