Saturday, July 10, 2010

In the Midst of Lebron Fever...My NY Pride is Higher then Ever......

The following is from NY Sports Writer Frank Isola and it sums up my feelings perfectly.

We begin the day by thanking Patrick Ewing, a real franchise player and warrior who left it on the court every time he wore a Knicks uniform.

Was he perfect? No. When I see him I still tell him he has the worst hands of any all-time great player. Was he easy to cover as a reporter? Not all the time. He could be a pain in the rear but he was always honest and he always accepted responsibility for his and the team's performance.

Think about that today as we struggle to deal with LeBron James' decision to leave Cleveland in his rear view mirror and head to Miami to play the role of Scottie Pippen to Dwyane Wade's Michael Jordan.

It's clear now that LeBron had no intentions of signing with the Knicks regardless of how many times he wore a Yankees cap in public. New York would have meant pressure. Staying in Cleveland would have meant pressure and as we know LeBron, unlike Ewing, cannot handle the pressure.

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