Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Something for the Heat

I know I'm always talking about fitness and what not but in the end you gotta love ya self for who you are.

So here's a lil summer time post I came across with some full figured sizzle. And I'll say this now, I ain't bad at the writer....call this a Pre-Hump Day Post.

Too Hot For a Big Girl?...by The Fury

It was hotter than fish grease outside. More humid than a bowl of soup. "Lush" was (and still is) a thick girl. She was more Southern bred big and thick. Not tall and big and thick - but short, stout, big and thick. Her cute face and pretty lips always caught my eye. Those lips were also always full of smart remarks and were very skilled behind closed doors. This day, she was adamant on doing one thing. Fucking. Not now...but right now. Not "let me turn on the A/C in this room, let it get comfortable and then we can work into it"- ...uh uh...RIGHT NOW!

She tugged at my belt as a bewildered look spread across my sweaty brow. Her aggression aroused me. Soon her pretty lips danced around my manhood. Her tongue swirled like a tornado and she knew she had me. My hand pulled the hair from her sweaty face and held it aloft so it didn't stick to her sweaty neck. With me at the throbbing side of never coming back from arousal, she stood and stripped quickly. She shimmied her tight jeans down her thick thighs and kicked them to a corner. Her polo shirt flew above her shoulders revealing full bouncing breasts above her problem areas that she was not too shy to reveal.

With another shimmy and a quick unfasten, she revealed her golden colored body. She was fuller figured than she had been last we'd met this way. I was surprised, but not aghast. She climbed onto the bed on all fours, flung her hair over her shoulder as she looked behind herself, and told me to "come here." I slid behind her slowly and surely, pacing myself in the heat. She wanted no part of that. The harder and more passionate we collided, the more sweat erupted from us both - but especially from her. We slid across each other slippery with sweat as we changed positions. My slimmer body disappeared between her thick thighs as she swallowed me up and moaned above me.

Lush refused to give in to the climate. Her full frame glistened with the sweat created from our sex, but we rode together hard and vigorously. Upon her final, body shaking orgasm, she collapsed atop me in sweaty, pleased bliss. Lush showed me it was never too hot, never too humid, and never too much to get it on with a big, thick girl.

Now being a brother, (read: Black man) I don't mind a thick woman. More often than not, I prefer one. But do you think it's ever too hot to...fuck a big girl? A big guy? Is that too much in this heat? What if your A/C went out and you were really horny and damn if your spouse/mate/fuck buddy/friend with benefits/side piece/jump off, etc. was more toward the plump side. Would you trade them in for a slim Jim/Jane?

They call me The Fury and it's never too hot for some Thick and Juicy.

- The Fury


DollFace said...

Dope little piece. Cosign 110% lol

Nik said...

What DollFace said, and I'll add a "Damn, okay then!"

I'm Jamaican, I'm used to it being hotter than fish grease. Can you imagine if tropical peoples thought it was too hot to shag? Lmao.

Goddess Intellect said...

Dbl likes this....
Mcthickness sexinton lovin <3

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