Sunday, September 26, 2010

It's Less About Him and More About You

So we get a new twist in a religious sex was one of us. A black guy. You know the end of the world is coming cuz things we never heard black folk doing are happening now. Anyway, a few people have asked my opinion on this so I' state my take on all this 1 time. If the allegations that are coming forward are true then "tuff break" for Pastor Long. It's an ugly, disgusting situation that will have far reaching effects especially in the minds of his church. But to be perfectly honest, when things like this happen I'm less concerned with the main figure of attention more so then I am interested in the actions or reactions of the viewing public. 

You see, if things are all true then Paster Long has already cast his lot and must deal with it, but what about you? No one is making us laugh at this, no one is making us turn this into an online joke. The way folk will flock to this situation as a way to bash religion is of more concern to me then the acts of this man. People will take this instance to cast religion as corrupt, fraudulent and perverse. Even if the FACTS scream to the opposite. The problem is that the functional churches go about their business affecting change, bringing up quality people and that gets no press no attention. If you take the churches that have had scandals multiply it by 10 you would still have a low end minority percentage of the churches in this nation. But a loud, ugly minority can many times overshadow a steady silent majority. Just look at the Tea Party.

I know my church experience is a "unique one" but then again so are these over the top evils of these selective churches as well. In the midst of all this is a silent middle class of functional faith followers that need to shine light on the truth that church isn't some standard cover up for immoral base activity.

I cut the pastor no slack but I am no judge. I'm shaking my head just as much at the long distance critics and keyboard attorneys as I do at the man accused of the crimes.


khaki la'docker said...

i've got my opinion, which i have blogged about, and im not too interested in anyone's opinion that refuses to look at the facts.

NightFall914 said...

Facts regarding this case or churches in general?

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