Thursday, September 23, 2010

So you braggin' on the low ?????

Recently my mind has been filled with comparisons and differences. Where does one thing stop and another thing start. The other day I was this question posed and I kind of sgree that I've internally asked the same thing before.

"When does sharing your positive news become bragging."

This is another case of extremes in my opinion. It's not "I'm going to be a father!" or "I just got a new job!" type of statements but just random, repetitive sharing of excess info simply cause your in a good mood.

As the person who asked the question originally said. "Even too much positivity can become negative."

Ever feel like that???


Frankie said...

I had a whole comment with examples of bragging and not bragging from my fb friends. After reading through it, I re-realized how much I hate them.

NightFall914 said...

Awwww....not posting examples????

Frankie said...

Jane Doe: First day of school was, GREAT!!! lol I got a lot of expensive presents hehehe (i.e. books & supplies) [genuine]

Mary Sue: Great! My PSP is working properly. The USB cord was bad. Now I can finally do something technical with out assistance. [genuine]

Nancy Green: Chillin wit my my lil sis neenee [bragging]

John Doe: bout to get up and get on the grind!....i lovvvve bein my own boss!!! goal is $150 today by 12noon..
lets see how that goes! [bragging]

Frankie: I'm in NYC for the next 12 hours! Catch me if you can!! [bragging]

Kelly Smith: online shopping for thigh high chanel boots... [bragging]

Cathy Jones: is off to the market to get apples to make some piesssss [bragging]

James White: WOW JUST GOT THE BEST NEWS IN THE WORLD O WHAT A LOVELY DAY IT IS GOD IS GOOD... [bragging and most likely lying]

Albert Williams: On my way to Miami then Bahamas... [bragging]

Bragging statuses usually have: dragging letterssssssssss, exclamation marks!!!!!!!!, mentions of food or traveling or sex or money or shopping or haters, and the person's name is usually Unique LuvEmAndLeaveEm Watkins.

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