Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Photo Challenge Day 1(Self Protrait)

(Yeah I told myself I'd start yesterday but whatever...)

Basic Info + Q&A

Jason...Nightfall.....Blu Flame.....BlacC Yankee..etc...etc....

New Rochelle, NY

Antigua (West Indies)

6 ft 4 220lbs


Music, comics, sports, fitness, writing/blogging

How do you deal with someone very close to you hurting you?
Stuck it up and move on with life.......I may have to take a few steps away from them depending on what was done and if this

What are you're pet peeves?
Controllable double standards. I don't like having expectations, rules or anything applied to me that that same person is willing to accept.

Would you truly respect, value, and marry a woman like those you post in your weekly hump day blogs? Some claim to have morals and call themselves free spirits, they meditate, and are just sexual but what do you really think from a Christian perspective?
All cases vary on the person. I don't judge until I'm given enough valid info to do so. Now in regards to hump day I've posted an array of female types depending on my mood.

Long story short yes I could respect and value them if their personalities are on point. When I used to promote I was around models, dancers, etc... and many were great people.

As far as marriage I honestly couldn't say. A ton goes into marriage so it's not impossible but depends on a number of variables.

Why do you never smile in any pictures?
lol.I dont know. It's not intentional.

Favorite drink? Favorite food?
Got a a few of those too. Cognac, Sex on the Beach, Call-a-Cab. Foods I'd say soul foods, Thai food, Spanish food.

Whats your favorite color? song? vacation spot?
Blue......I have fa few fav. songs...............Miami and the Virgin Islands.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
5 yrs...um engaged or married.....maybe with a child.


Goddess Intellect said...

I was really upset that I didnt drop by any soul food joints in NYC last month...so next time I'm dragging you with me :)
Interesting answer with the hump day question....I can dig it.

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