Monday, October 4, 2010

They loved them then and They still love then now.

In truth....many of the stereotypical things that I grew up seeing and thought "it only happens on TV" or "Only in High School" are really true. Females do love excessive tattoos, rappers/musicians/artists & large ball players. It's interesting to see now in the 25-30 yr old range just how appealing those same character types seem to be.

Booze and Tattooos...... from Travie McCoy on Vimeo.


Goddess Intellect said...

I will always have love for my 6-footers...but umm ya the whole attraction to the "rebel without a cause" ...totally out the window and then some lol

evierobbie said...

I am attracted to all those aforementioned. Need to clarify that the rappers I like have to be saying something with some substance. Tattooed, talented or not, stupid is not cute.

In my life I realize I am more so attracted to a man who embraces and showcases a creative talent. For me, ball players are merely physical. It's the actors/musicians/painters/creative types that tickle my fancy most.

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