Sunday, October 3, 2010

Her Finger Is Not Your Business

You ever witness this? Among a group of people at a social gathering, introductions are being mad small talk and chit chat happens and as people are finding out about each other the following happens.

Jessica : "Ooooh so how long have you been together?"

Couple: "About (fill in the blank) years."

Jessica : "That's great are you Married?"

Couple : "No (laughing)"

Jessica : "Engaged?"

Couple : "Umm *looks at ringless fingers* not officially engaged."

Jessica : "Damn. When you gonna put a ring on it!?!?"

***Awkward Silence all around***

Now the words may vary from convo to convo BUT you get the idea. Is it just me but I think that a public questioning a couples time line or plan is NEVER proper. Beyond the "how long have you been together" line I feel that anything else is on the couple to say. I know society feels the marriage is expected but even so it's not anyone's business but them. And when you have couples that have been together for extended periods of time I think common sense should lead you to know NOT to question it.


Wizzy Jr. said...

I don't like that shit, either. I'm more of a "Live and Let Live" type of guy. Shit, I know couples who have been together for YEARS and NEVER got married. They don't want to and I don't care not one bit about it. Hell, they're happy and that's all that matters.

evierobbie said...

True story.

Goddess Intellect said...

LOL...I always see this happen with older many of us would honestly tell an older relative/colleague to STFU and mind their own business...I'd rather nervous laugh and come up with a sarcastic yet witty answer then get mad about it.
PPl are always gonna be nosey...why do you think HOllywood is still in existance?!
But back to the original point of the post..its uncalled for, but its gonna happen ugh @ reality

NightFall914 said...

As much as things change and advance there are still a lot of social rules that hold for a lot of people.

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