Saturday, November 13, 2010

Black Girls Rock...Thats Why I Roll With Them

The Black Girls Rock award show was last week and all week I've had thoughts of the women I know that rock. They run their own business, fully directing their lives and in the face of adversity they take chances and big risks. In fact they take risks that I myself don't. That fact bounces around my head many a time. Would I "rock" if I just suddenly did something unexpected and out of the normal way that I operate?

I look at Evita, and god I don't know more of a risk taking go getter then her. You've spoken on it so many times. The wild child Ying to my planned out Yang yet no person can I see as dominant in capturing her dreams as her.

She in turn links me to her homie Stephanie. Another creative powerful black woman who packs artistic styles 10 times her actual size. Internationally connected and globally minded.

I continue to ponder and my mind shifts to Bright Eyes who's ability to seamlessly flow from the NY 9-5 grind and transform herself into credible MUA in the south makes me proud on a regular basis.

The roll doesn't stop. L Doll in Shaolin, Tiara, Goddess Intellect, Ms. Nikks, Elisha.....sooo many I wont try to name them all.

I'm proud that in the face of stereotypes and so many negative assumptions and portrayals of my beautiful, powerful women I have countless examples from my family to my friends of just how much my Black Girls Rock.

Love you all. Keep doing what you do and don't believe for a moment that we black men don't see and appreciate you.


evierobbie said...

Love this.
Thank you from your resident risk-taker.
Even when the stakes were crazy and the odds were pretty much against me, you have always been there.
Thank you! As I try to dry my eyes...

DollFace said...

Loved this...thank you sir.

Goddess Intellect said...

WTF...I'm just seeing this! I love you man...BLACK MEN're a prime example <3

Niks said...

How the heck did I miss this one?! You could've let a girl know!

THANK YOU! I really appreciate the mention, it means a lot to me. Lots of love to you Mr. Nightfall, Sir, you ROCK!

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