Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Blog Challenge 18

Another letter request....really doesn't make sense unless maybe they actually what you to write one on the spot for someone. Anyway here goes a little older piece that was west side desert inspired.

So how did this happen
whats the cuase of my unrest
Some traits I must be lacking
more self-doubting more stress
More looking in the mirror asking why i'm not enough
Not one to build or grow with
Not even enough to lust
Another near hit that just missed the mark
thought I was on a roll
Starting to sneak into her heart
Brief chats became extended
Strangers now befriended
Defenses start to lower as the initial worries ended
Now these two worlds intermingle
Both desire to remain single
but yet a hint of passion creeps in to create a pleasurable tingle
On a daily basis we're building nightly we're lusting
It seems from your end that yes you do trust him
And I trust you so now I'm coming thru
Plans laid down, Blu's coming to town to do what I'm gonna do
The anticipation is growing as weeks become days
I forgot my best friends birthday cause I was so kept up in your gaze
So the trip goes down and your beauty is confirmed
Not full of all the talked about passion but perhaps that must be earned
I never had a problem crawling before I run
As long as I liked you and you liked me then I know we'd have fun
Breakfast in the morning
Your late afternoon naps
Playing with Stifler
Getting those new tatts
In all a great time with no real complaints
a few things didn't go down but I didn't mind the wait
I had found someone I felt was right to be the friend I needed
not arrogant and conceited
But on my return to Gotham I was caught off guard
by a sudden change of position
The text messages,emails and calls were now missing
I didn't know what to make of it so I applied my common sense
If things were good and now there not
something happened when I was out west
My in person impression must not have lived up to expectations
The actual catch fella few levels short of what you thought you were chasing
Damn now I'm stuck again with that lowly feeling of not beening up to par
Is it my dark skin tone or is it that I just live


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