Thursday, November 4, 2010

Blog Challenge Day 1

I think I'll enjoy this.....
Day 1: A Photo of Me with 10 Facts
(Yes the promotional days with 2 phones...smh)
  1. I'm Born and Raised in the 914. New Rochelle, NY
  2. My family is from Antigua
  3. I'm 6 ft 5in tall.....(6'4 and change technically)
  4. I was a straight honor student till I got my SAT scores and scholarship to school.Smh
  5. I'm a super ultra nerd.(video games, comics, cartoons, tech/electronic stuff)
  6. I'm also way too comfortable in dangerous settings.
  7. Done some things I have no plans on telling certain people.
  8. I technically could be in jail for the previous fact.
  9. My previous hustles have made me pretty desensitized to nudity.
  10. I'm super emotional about my parents and family.
***After the Jump is the full Challenge Breakdown for those that want to do it too*** 

Day 1: A recent photo of you & 5 interesting facts about yourself.
Day 2: The meaning behind your name.
Day 3: A photo of you and your friends.
Day 4: A photo of you and your family.
Day 5: A photo of something you really hate.
Day 6: A song that makes you cry.
Day 7: Your crush.
Day 8: Something you hate about yourself.
Day 9: Your definition of love.
Day 10: Your best friend.
Day 11: A letter to one of your exes.
Day 12: Your favorite female group.
Day 13: Your least favorite female group.
Day 14: Something you love about yourself.
Day 15: What you would do if you were pregnant or got someone pregnant.
Day 16: A photo that makes you smile.
Day 17: A photo that makes you want to cry.
Day 18: A letter to someone you miss.
Day 19: A habit you wish you didn’t have.
Day 20: A letter to your parents.
Day 21: Short goals you wish to fulfill by the end of the month.
Day 22: Your nicknames & why you have them.
Day 23: What you would find in your bag.
Day 24: A song that makes you smile.
Day 25: How you found out about blogging & why you made one.
Day 26: First 10 songs to play on shuffle on your iPod.
Day 27: Your fashion style.
Day 28: What attracts you to someone.
Day 29: Future plans/goals.
Day 30: Who are you?


    Red said...

    I'm doing a blog challenge as well. Come thru and check mines out.

    I mos def aint made at that pic with my husband in

    Good Luck on the challenge...this should be interesting!

    Nik said...

    1. I like New York boys.
    3. Damn you're tall.
    4. Looks and brains, I'm not mad.
    5. Nerds make the world go 'round.
    6. That face I told you about...
    10. The face again...

    Good post.

    NightFall914 said...

    I'll be checking yours out too.

    I'd say you should do it but your all non bloggy right now.

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