Friday, November 26, 2010

Willow Smith Interview: Speaks on Tupac, Rihanna Comparisons & “Whip My Hair”

On Rihanna comparisons
“I think Rihanna’s awesome, I’d love to be a baby Rihanna!

What’s in her iPod
“Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Billy Idol, B.O.B. Eminem, Tupac.”

What do you know about Tupac?
“He’s my mom’s his best friend”

On her Style…
I dress myself.

On dealing with bullies and haters:
“Stay collected, strong, just be confident, if they go to far, beat them up, just kidding! Do you!”

On Meeting Jay Z
“It was really fun! He was really welcoming, and he was funny, supporting and I just felt welcomed.”

Advice from Jay-Z, mom, and dad
“Have fun”

On cutting her hair.
“I was in china and all the boys had their hair cut so I was like I want to cut it.”

On making “Whip My Hair”
Producer Jukebox sent it to my mom and we looked at it and we realized we had to record it and we did.

On what she likes about Billy Idol.
“I like his song I like the way he dresses and his hair.”



Supastarrr said...

This little girl is too much.

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