Friday, November 26, 2010

Inspiration through Tyler Perry as Madea.........Yeah I Know.

I hope you all had a Happy Thanksgiving. As I was letting one of the 3 plates of food I had settle last evening, mom wanted to check out the latest Madea play that apparently was given to her as a gift. I had no clue what it was. I thought it was an actual movie and but the stage plays. Anyway since it was a day of family we decided to watch it. Now I'm not one of those folk that bashes T.Perry. He seems real comfy with a few too many over the top stereotypes BUT the man has overcome more things then me and after losing his mom last yr I'm not going to beat on his path to success in this industry.

Now, the play ran the full spectrum from moving and mediocre but ended well and had some quality "life lessons" as well. For me personally, the highlight came at the end during the cast curtain call. Tyler spoke on dealing with the fact that people that he knew could help him and who he thought would help him didn't do so when he was pursuing his dream. While it was hurtful and disappointing, he revealed that the lesson he took from that was this. As god was providing the dream he was working so hard for, he made sure that there would no way for Tyler to give the credit to anyone but God when his time came. That made so much sense to me. As I'm dealing with the silence and false support and people it helps me to get past the ill feeling with a knowledge that dreams can be realized no matter what you think is against you as long as you keep on pressing.

I have no interest in the Madea plays to be honest withy'all but I'm thankful for what I saw yesterday.


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