Monday, December 27, 2010

iSupport: Artist Layla J Merritt

"Orange Moon in the Milky Way"
The iSupport tour continues with this multi-talented Painter/Writer Ms Layla J Merritt. I came across this woman last week while attending a Jean-Michel Basquiat tribute. As a guest of Evita's it was a cool scene, so  while chopping it up and taking in the scene I saw Layla finishing up with the piece below. I won't even lie. When I first looked at it the nerd in me jumped at the Dr. Doom like vibe of the image. I know that's NOT what it was but that's what I first saw.

I wanted to get permission before just posting up her work. As it turns out Layla has a few things cooking and was 100% down with the positive iSupport movement. So here's another artist that you will be seeing on the BLVD. Hit the Jump for a few of Layla's paintings


chrissie said...

she's crazy talented. great post.

Frankie said...

These are incredible

Lj Sola said...

Oh damn she is flyyyyyyyy!!!!

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