Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Esperanza Spalding's Win Holds Mirror Up To Music "Fans"

Not even 48 hrs removed from the Grammy's and the "who is she?" comments are still running rampant online for Esperanza Spalding the Best New Artist Winner that upset many included Pop sensation Justin Beiber. Even Mr. Kanye seemed at the vert least "puzzled" by the results.

Did it ever strike people that 1) Most folk didnt know Drake for the better part of his early career either? and 2) Just maybe the best music isn't always the most commercially successful?

Esperanza Spalding has been grinding, putting out albums and touring for years, Including performances for the President. Just cuz YOU weren't aware of your doesn't devalue what she's done. She was brought to my attention maybe 1 1/2 ago by request of Bright Eyes so it's nice to see for success now.

Take a moment and google to woman. Her work is quality.


DollFace said...

Thats what I been saying. She's talented! I could understand the outrage if she was talentless but she's not. People are mad cause they weren't up on her!? Crazy.

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