Friday, February 18, 2011

Video of New X-Men Anime Released.

1st Visuals of the new X-men anime from the shores of Japan. Nice

Details below via CA

Iron Man and Wolverine have been getting their turns at anime adaptations from Madhouse, but now it's the X-Men's time to shine... and blast, and slash, and shoot lightning magically. Animax has posted a new streaming commercial of the series, showing off the merry Marvel mutant's adventures, which debut in Japan on April 1 before G4 brings the series to America sometime later in 2011.

From what's shown, the upcoming X-Men anime seems aesthetically similar to the team's Astonishing looks over the past few years. That seems to jibe with the fact that Madhouse's Marvel projects were announced back in 2009 (and that writer Warren Ellis has been involved from the get-go).

The anime's storyline is a bit of a mystery, but as with Iron Man and Wolverine, fans can likely expect a narrative that allows for its share of explosions. Whatever manifests, I hope the show's title sequence is as awesome as
Japan's version of the '90s X-Men animated series intro.


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