Monday, March 28, 2011

What's The Use???

With the recent events that have taken place I think back over the years to the people that have seen ill befall them. I think back to the situations that I have dealt with of a more negative nature. We many times speak of karma “balancing” things out, of people getting what they deserve yet I wonder if we are becoming too cynical, too spiteful too vile a populace for even Karma to balance out?

The greatest pains of my life, they have never been from me doing somebody wrong, taking what wasn’t mine or flagrantly hurting someone else. Tension and Struggle has always come from standing up for what I felt was right. Or treating people the way I thought/felt they should be treated.

When “Brown Pride” tried to mash on my boy in High School my friends and I stand up and sparked violence and conflict for the better part of a year but it was for the right reason. 

As I became older the subject matter became woman. Never was I one to do a female wrong or disrespect. More often then not I was too nice. Or it was believed I must “want something” to be acting the way I was.
That’s what it is now. To treat a person properly means you must secretly be after something.  Even now in the online social Internets I many times have to pull back from my natural instinct with is to show support and be positive. Why because being nice is seen as an annoyance. I support many people that I personally don’t know like that. I take what you present and give to the world and if the energy and intent feels right I’ll give you those props and respect and support what you do. Yet such things are taken for granted in a time when we’d rather “slander” then support.

I’ve felt heartache from caring for the wrong person, embarrassment from supporting strangers that couldn’t even respectfully acknowledge me, anger from giving too much to friends who refuse to change. Much of these also reflect a key part of my make up, the part of me that thinks the next person with be better, that the next time will show that not all folk are like that. 

Yes I come across the good as well….just not as many. That up hill climb for positivity get pretty tiring at times.        


Kream said...

This is a great post. Honest and very YOU. This world is slander filled and somehow we find a way to support in a positive light. I have the hope one day things may change for the better, but right now..nothing makes much sense to me...

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