Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Turned Off By the Type of Talk

It's a full scale push towards Mrs Carter's new album and the legion of supporters are out in force. We already know who's claimed control on the world and now I've seen the Internets chattering on a song "1 + 1" that is apparently the greatest thing since the last greatest thing Bey put out . You say the funny thing with me is that the more something gets hyped up before I experience it the least liking I am to want to deal with it. Everything today is either platinum or plastic. The digital hype machine is insane.

So by the time I'm hearing about a movie, song or whatever, I'm already put off but the 100th person saying "This song gives me life", "This song is everything", etc,etc,etc......it just seems a bit much. In truth this seems to be a Twitter issue as I use twitter to keep some degree of awareness from those that I follow blog wise. Since I cant access blogs at the office twitter substitutes.

I'm a communication freak on so many levels.  LOL


Nikks said...

Everything you've said, I agree with. I respect the woman's tenacity for what she does, she works hard, but that's where my admiration stops. I've yet to hear a song of hers that will be played for generations to come. There's no Aretha, Gladys, Etta, Nina, quality music that she's done. Sorry stans.

Some of the tweets that appear on my timeline makes me question what kind of world we live in. We give so much power, praise, and worship to the wrong people. As my mama would say, "God's coming for his world!" We don't have our priorities straight.

Goddess Intellect said...

I honestly can't keep up btwn Beyonce & Miss Rhirhi, must be my old age. But its's direct reflection of the new generation and technological advances. Messages travel faster than the speed of light practically..I knew about Japan's earthquake before Japanese citizens were able to dig thru the mess...crazy! Gotta keep up with the times...which is why I choose to divorce cable as I get older I am more choosy with what I will absorb and I want I wont

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