Sunday, June 19, 2011

Jean Grae the MC I love and am Scared of as well.......

I love lyrics, I love wordplay and verbal skill. I yearn for artists that don't get swallowed up by grand beats. Today's rapper gets lost in the production hoping to have a hook catchy enough to be remembered and repeated. Ms Grae aint worried about you dancing to silly hooks. Dust off your college research skills cuz she's taking you to school and believe me you will not catch everything she's saying in 1 listen.

This past Thursday we received a gift in the form of a new song, "CaseBasket", off the upcoming "Cookies or Comas" mixtape that Jean will be dropping with Dj Drama. I love it. The hard hitting yet playful flow gives the impression that Jean could annihilate anyone while having a casual drink at the same time. Not just that but Jean Grae takes it 1 step further in catering to my enjoyment with a highly detailed breakdown of the lyrics to CaseBasket. This line by line layout even highlights the real complex rhymes with background info for better context. Jean is truly a writer as much as a wicked MC.

Jean Grae – CaseBasket Lyrics

Every time Jean puts something out it's a good day. I'm genuinely hoping to get an autograph or pic with Ms Grae one of these days......that's assuming she's in a hospitable mood. Reading her tweets sometimes I imagine interaction with her and I would go as follows: 
She'd look  me up and down and ask  "How tall are you?" 
"Umm.....I'm 6'5." I cautiously reply
"Ooooh, you're a big one." Then with a wicked smile she'd roundhouse kick me in the head just for laffs. 
We'll see, It's a chance I'll just have to take  :)


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