Sunday, June 19, 2011

Thoughts on Xmen 1st Class

Years of childhood memories, stories, battles, heroes, villains….the X-men are a staple in my nerdish world as they are for many of those within my a age bracket. I was excited when the previous 3 movies dropped, each time hoping that they’d get it right. Sadly, they never did. Stories that tried to cramp too much into a short period of time made the films fall apart. In the end I was just happy to see the team I grew up with. That led me to have no real expectations for this new X men 1st class movie.I can say that I was pleasantly surprised. What worried would be a kiddie flop of a movie turned out to be the BEST X-men film yet. In truth that says more for the shortcomings of the previous 3 (4 if you count Wolverine Origins) because this film was far from flawless. The story which is known to many pulled bits and pieces from various sources to recreate the X-men origin tale. 

I will say that the movie's major characters were cast perfectly. Seeing a youthful fun loving Charles Xavier, the Holocaust childhood of Magneto and even Brian Shaw stood out to me more then he ever has previously.  The plot was well written and everything pulled together well within the movie's time frame. Clearly a follow up film could happen very easily. I feel like the powers that be wanted to see how this was received before committing to more movies.

There were cute moments of  "hey that's _____ & that was ______" that will appeal to the X nerds like myself. There is one racially charged moment that many my over look but someone like me couldn't. Watch the movie and it should be apparent. It wasn't a prejudice moment just a very direct connection made to illustrate the long standing parallel of Mutants and minorities. 

All in all I'd give this 4 out of 5 stars, 2 thumbs up, a film well worth your dollar and time.


Nikks said...

They left me wanting to marry a mutant! Loved everything about this film, definitely the best one yet. I hope there'll be another one next year.

I agree that each character was perfectly casted, the casting director did an amazing job. I was the girl doing the "Hey that's ____...."

Prof. X has a funny sarcastic wit about him in the other films, but this time he was straight out funny and charismatic. I think with this film, I understood Magneto a lot more though and can't blame him for the side he chose.

Loved it!

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