Sunday, June 5, 2011

Nothing Good Lasts in the Garden

Gotham....the Mecca....the center of the world. So many titles, so many grand wonders that attracts eyes from all over the globe. New York as it relates to sports just makes everything bigger, brighter and comes with far more scrutiny. The Yankees have titles to spare, the Rangers are 17 yrs removed from their last title but those of my generation remember it. Then we have the Knicks. Within my youth they cemented a rep of toughness, respect and pride. They fell short to the Jordan lead bulls and to Hakeem's Rockets but no one could charge the team with never leaving it all on the court.

The disrespectful trade that ushered in the end of the Ewing era has lead to a decade of embarrassment, poor management moves and the realization that no matter what sliver of hope we muster up, it is destined to be destroyed by the fool in charge of the company, James "Anti-Media" Dolan. He runs the Knicks like a part time hobby, more concerned with his twisted sense of loyalty that his lackeys should follow then acquiring the needed tools and assets that would generate success.

NY reacts to Walsh's departure.......*Sidenote*That Breeze guy is a fool

The Entire Post after the Jumpington.....

In 2008 Donnie Walsh, one of the most respected basketball minds in the game, took the challenge of not only rebuilding the Knicks on the court but bringing respect to a franchise that had become the butt of all sports jokes though the endless folly of Dolan, Isiah Thomas, Scott Layden, Stephon Marbury and many more. The on court issues of lack luster talent and financial mismanagement was one thing but the stigma of unprofessionalism was another. Donnie took a salary cap nightmare in 2008 and by 2010 had the Knicks back under the cap to acquire ALL NBA forward Amare Stoudemire and many other quality parts. By seasons end, at a high price, he added top shelf scorer Carmelo Anthony and former Finals MVP Chancey Billups.

But please don't think this was a cake walk. Idiot owner James Dolan's insistence to ram Isiah Thomas into the action at every turn was not only confusing but has now become perplexing and down right insulting. Insulting to those that know the game, insulting to the players being forced to give credit to someone with no actual role in what is being done and insulting to the fan who are now being charged DOUBLE for tickets now that the Knicks are on the up swing again. But, with the team now in a forward progressive motion we get the news that Dolan has done it again. Some may say that this was merely an inability of two people to agree on a deal but as more insight into the relationship of Walsh and Dolan emerge, we one again see how the odd ball ways of James Dolan put another good basketball guy in the mood to leave vs deal with the nonsense. 

This isn't a toxic player or coach that you can simply let go. This is the top of the pyramid. How you remove Dolan is beyond me. If he gets into an ugly scandal (again) does that warrant the league taking control of the Knicks from him? Your guess is as good as mine? Can we send a clan of Ninja to his home and hold him at gun point to sign over executive control of the team to someone else? Dammit I need answers!!! I need something t hope for that can take this ass out of the picture. My loyalty to the Knicks is rock solid but damn this guy makes it hard. I mean what players want to be affiliated with that kind of mess. Donnie Walsh signs Amare and Dolan makes him thank Isiah Thomas for his role in the acquisition when it turns out Thomas had never ever spoken to Amare. Really? It's a joke, a damned circus and the ring leader needs to be eliminated period. I guess all we can do is hope and pray.....

Amare speaks to ESPN on the departure of Walsh & the Knicks Future.....


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