Wednesday, July 27, 2011

So We All Have Limits

 For quite a while now I have been down for whatever. This is our world so my exhibitionist side would have no issue doing the “do” outside in various locales. With the exception of the colder months, the outdoors are as much a play land as anywhere else in my opinion. Cool, warm, hot it doesn’t really matter. I’ve posted before that with the right partner sweat could be quite sexy and I mean that, but I had no clue that the triple digit heat wave of this past week would sit on the eastern U.S suffocating us with humid, inhuman levels of heat. Discomfort as I’ve never felt was the norm. And the thought came to me….If you could have your ultimate sexual encounter but it could only take place outdoors in this heat would you do it. I’m afraid to say that the glory of fantastic fellatio, riveting reverse cowgirl and Spectacular spider monkey just wouldn’t take place. The Heat would win and regulate me to the benches……


Nikks said...

LMAO! It's that hot huh?

In Vegas last week, I've never felt such unnatural heat in my life. Not even in the islands had I ever felt heat like that.

You're welcome to join us in Canada...get off the bench.

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