Tuesday, August 2, 2011

It's Not My Fault I Dislike Your Man

I've had this convo with many of my guys who play the role of open ear, shoulder to cry on for our female friends. 99 outta 100 times the issue at hand is about a guy. We get that. But One thing I notice happens a lot is that when things are going well our friends disappear into their own world and share very little of the positive things this guy they're into is doing for them. But sure as the sun rises, when things go bad that's when the words flow out steady. I've seen it consistently for years. The end result of this imbalance is that I (we) naturally grow to dislike this man who you're so in Loooooovvvveeeee with. It's not our fault really. Without personally knowing the guy, we will have our impressions shaped from what we're told. The more negative we hear the more our vibes will swing 1 way while a healthy dose of the positive will have better results.

I have a healthy list of folk I don't like due to this.....


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